Dreamy Daisy Crown – Large

Perfect for a special occasion (birthday, baptisms, communions,…) and photoshoots.

For children from 1,5-5y

Adjustable size (with ribbon)


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About this collection

Art By M. gives you beautiful pieces of handmade, made in Belgium artwork. Every piece is carefully made with passion for art and beauty. We love how personal every item is.

These beautiful flowerhoops are handmade in Belgium. Using only the best quality dryflowers and materials, you’re sure to have a long lasting piece of art in your home.

Our flower artist makes every single one of these pieces herself: She chooses the most beautiful dryflowers, makes amazing combinations of colors, then cuts the flowers just right and assembles them in small bunches. Every hoop contains several small bunches of dryflowers, which are then attached to the hoop. Every single hoop is made with love, authentic creativity and endless patience to get them just right.

These hoops are gorgeous to lift up any interior, they bring nature inside your home with a piece that can last for months, even years. They also look incredible in a babyroom to add that little extra sweetness. Please note that hanging them in direct and very bright sunlight could possibly fade the colors of the flowers after a while.

If you have a special request of design, colors, flowers,… We are happy to check if your wishes can be granted!

These hoops can be personalized: A baby name, an inspirational word,… can be added to the center of the hoop. Send us an e-mail with your request and we will get back to you with additional info!

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